Dinosaur Pie


It wasn’t really Rory’s mum’s fault. She just bought Dinosaur Pie for a change and gave it to Rory for his dinner. The next morning he was a dinosaur.

Not dressed up as a dinosaur – actually a dinosaur. His friend Daria suggests: ‘Like, you could totally pretend to be cosplaying a dinosaur. Like, that’s funny, a dinosaur playing a human cosplaying a dinosaur.’ It’s not all that funny really.

Rory can’t talk. (That’s because he’s a dinosaur.) And he can’t bear the thought of eating an apple. All he wants to eat is sausages.

It doesn’t wear off. The supermarket that sold the pie doesn’t want to know. The doctor isn’t all that helpful.

What are they going to do?

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Author Alan O’Rourke Jen Wallace Published by Little Island Books ISBN 9781915071491


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