Big Bad Me

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Evie Wilder is living a very normal life. Except for the fact that her mum has gone missing, she’s just found out she’s a werewolf, she and her sister have to go into hiding from supernatural beings, and there’s not a single helpful vampire slayer to be found. With the help of Kevin, the dorky-hot teenage manager of  the guesthouse where Evie and Kate go to lie low, Evie begins to learn to harness her wolfish abilities. But there’s something a bit odd about Kevin that Evie can’t quite put her finger on.
Meanwhile, reports of animal attacks are increasing, local teenagers have started to go missing, and Evie is about to find herself at the centre of a supernatural showdown.

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Author Aislinn O’Loughlin Published by ISBN 9781915071040

1 review for Big Bad Me

  1. Louise Finch

    What a debut! The perfect mix of fresh writing, unforgettable characters, pacey story and a subtle dose of nostalgia.

    Big Bad Me is a dual POV YA told between two teenage sisters, Evie and Kate, whose lives get a little more complicated when their mum goes missing and a mysterious man shows up and attacks them. And then Evie starts spontaneously growing wolf claws…

    First things first, the characters in this are truly top notch. I adored them all. The relationship dynamics between Evie and Kate, Evie and Kevin; and Kate and Kevin (and all of those guys and more minor characters) were all so well done, but a special shout out to the sisterly love between Evie and Kate, because OH my heart! It’s so lovely to read a book where a strong sisterly relationship is foregrounded like this.

    The humour was the other thing that surprised and delighted me. Big Bad Me is utterly hilarious, but with none of the cringe that sometimes permeates YA comedy (which I know some people love, but is not really my thing). Here the humour is sharp, but never mean, and there were plenty of times I found myself smiling or chuckling out loud. O’Loughlin has an incredible sense of timing, so much so that one of my favourite laughs came from a moment that was quite ‘throwaway’ (you’ll know when you get there).

    The story is as fresh and original as the tone. It’s kind of a mystery, kind of a step-into-your-power, a hefty dose of found family. I don’t know, I just know I loved it.

    Finally, the nostalgia! It’s not in your face and readers who haven’t seen Buffy, or Stranger Things, or…Frozen… will enjoy it all at face value without feeling like anything has been missed. But for me, this was a huge part of what I loved. The snappy, sometimes snarky dialogue, quick-witted characters and relationship dynamics filled the Buffy-shaped hole I didn’t know still existed within me, but even better, the cast is more diverse and none of this Scooby gang are weird insecure misogynists (hello Xander, yes you’re still the worst). There are subtle references sprinkled throughout that act as clear nods to the inspiration behind BBM and I was here for them.

    I thoroughly recommend BBM to anyone and everyone, particularly because although there was a definite and satisfying conclusion which makes this a standalone, I kind of feel like there’s series potential there and frankly I need enough of you on board to make that happen.

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