Standing on One Leg Is Hard


A story about a little chick learning to do a big thing! The heron chick sees her mum and all the big herons standing gracefully on one leg, but she just CAN’T do it! Maybe she just needs a little help? She tries to get her balance by leaning on a variety of things you’d find in the canal: a rock, another chick, and otter a swan – even a shoe someone has dumped! But she KEEPS overbalancing. Then she works it out. She can’t do it with people looking.

Not even the reader. If they reader closes their eyes, she just might do it! Do you think she did it?A fun interactive book for small children, who will identify with the need to try and try again. They will also enjoy the fun of closing their eyes and wondering if the chick is succeeding while they can’t see her!

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Author Erika McGann Published by The O’Brien Press ISBN 9781788493215


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