Billy Conker’s Nature-Spotting Adventure


Hi, I’m Billy Conker!I love to explore our natural world and discover all the amazing creatures living there, from snails and bees in my back garden to polar bears and great blue whales on the other side of the planet. Now I need your help! We’re on a mission to find wild animals in their natural habitats. It won’t be easy: some are already struggling – or even endangered – and these are the hardest to spot.

Are you ready? Come on, then! Follow me and let’s get started … Billy Conker is a young conservationist. He loves visiting different places around the world, discovering all the amazing animals and plants there and finding out how he can help them.

Join Billy as he explores ponds and forests, oceans and coral reefs, deserts, prairies, cities and more!

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Author Conor Busuttil Published by The O’Brien Press ISBN 9781788492843


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