Wider than the Sea; Pub. Date March 2023


The powerful tale of a girl who feels broken, and the dolphin who makes her whole. A story of friendship, hope and self-discovery, perfect for readers aged 9+. Ro finds school impossible.

She knows people think she’s shy – and stupid. But when she goes to the bay each afternoon to watch the dolphin leap through the water, she finds the strength to keep going. Then the dolphin disappears, and everything starts falling apart.

Can Ro overcome her fears to find him?I watch each rise and dip of wave know Sunny must be out there somewhere wonder if he’s missing me. I remember that moment when I touched his skin and know that finding him is the only thing that can make the aching stop make me feel not broken.

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Author Serena Molloy Published by Hachette ISBN 9781444968415


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