The Slime


Connie hasn’t found her talent yet, but at least she has her slime collection – if it’s gooey, she’s got it! She hopes that by adding a few extra ingredients to a simple recipe she will uncover a talent for slime-making, but alas, all she uncovers is a hot, stinky mess which ends up in the bin. It’s shaping up to be another uneventful weekend – until her failed slime experiment wakes her up the next morning. It’s alive! And can talk! And is named – Big. Big adores Connie and wants to protect her from everything at all times, which is very sweet. At first. But when it gets bigger, grows teeth and threatens to eat her friends and father, can Connie uncover her true talents in order to protect everything from the slime?

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Author Bec Hill Published by Hodder Children’s Books ISBN 9781444962291


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