What’s New Harper Drew?


My name is Harper Drew. I’m using my new journal to take note of all the totally ridiculous things that seem to go on around me with my family and friends. I seem to be the only one who sees this all of this stuff for what it is. Completely beyond normal. Recently I’ve been logging Drew Dial Ratings for all the mayhem. On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is someone to say or do something that would be less sensible than (for example) a demented camel? First up is the annual Drew trip to France – and while there might not be camels, there are bats and Llamas – and my brother Troy who is so obsessed with his hairstyle, he won’t even go swimming – that’s a whole lot of ratings. I’m just hoping I land an invite to Maisie Felix’s party when I’m back to distract me from the Drews for one whole evening!

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