Toto the Ninja Cat and the Legend of the Wildcat


Toto’s brothers, Silver and Socks, and their best friend Catface have just been made Deputy Ninja Cats! But while celebrating, they accidentally break a boat belonging to a very important cat and find themselves heading north to a bootcamp for naughty animals. Deep in the Scottish Highlands, they must climb mountains, paddle leaky canoes and prove that they can work as a team. But something isn’t quite right at the bootcamp, and Toto’s ninja senses are on high alert. There is a local legend of a super-strong wildcat, destined to raise an army and take over all of Scotland. Toto knows she must find out more, but danger is lurking at every turn. Can she find the mysterious wildcat, before it’s too late?

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Author Dermot O’Leary Published by Hodder Children’s Books ISBN 9781444961683


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