PESTS: Return of the Pests


Stix is the tiny but heroic mouse that could be living behind your washing machine. You wouldn’t know it though, because Stix knows how to stay hidden. That’s because Stix goes to PESTS – the Peewit Educatorium for Terrible Scoundrels – a school for pests in the basement of Peewit Mansions where Stix lives. At PESTS they teach you how to run around causing mischief without those pesky humans ever knowing you’re there. But now Peewit Mansions has a new landlord, the evil Colin Royale and his pet pooch The Duchess, and he wants everyone out – pests included. Stix and his pesty friends are going to have to scare them away if they want to save their home and school. Sounds like a job for the PESTS.

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Author Stamp (author) Emer Published by Hachette Children’s Group ISBN 9781444949643


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