The wolf’s secret

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Wolf is a hunter, feared by every creature. But he has a secret: in the middle of the forest lives a girl whose beautiful voice has entranced him. Wolf longs for friendship. But is he prepared to sacrifice his own true nature in order for his wish to come true?

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Author Myriam Dahman Published by Orchard Books ISBN 9781408355299

1 review for The wolf’s secret

  1. Jo

    This book is a precious thing, a treasure, a gem.

    Its cover is exquisitely textured and designed, it feels beautiful to hold. The story inside reads like a delicate fable or timeless folk tale, and holds beauty and wisdom. It’s a story of humanity, love, loss, sacrifice, meaning and friendship.

    The moment I heard about it I knew I wanted it, because I love all things wolf, and the art called out to me. The illustration is glorious – it’s traditional and modern all at once, rich and beautiful but also extremely measured and judiciously placed. Its style feels a little Asian, a little Hungarian, its colours are muted but rich, and you’ll want to pore over it. I feel a little Gollum-like about it, to be honest, tempted to stroke it and gloat over my precious.

    It’s the perfect gift, for anyone old or young. I want to give it to so many people. To receive this from someone would be very meaningful, though giving it to yourself as I did is too 🙂

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