Muck & Magic


Bonny has always wanted to be a top cyclist, maybe even a future Olympic champion like her hero, Laura Trott. When she gets a new racing bike for her birthday, she heads out into the Dales like always, speeding along. But when she’s distracted by some cheeky horses, she comes off her bike and discovers that the horses belong to a quiet woman who has an amazing collection of statues on her lawn – a buffalo, a horse lying down, even a man running. Gradually, Bonny gets to know Lizzie and forms a special bond with her horse, Merry, when she is given a job at Lizzie’s farm. Bonny is even introduced to a life-sized sculpture of Merry in Lizzie’s studio and is allowed to pose as its rider, a completely magical experience. She learns from Lizzie that a true gift is never to be wasted, and if you ‘breath the world in deep’, you can do anything.

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Author Michael Morpurgo Published by Walker Books Ltd ISBN 9781406382891


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