Greta and the Ghost Hunters


The hilarious tale of a family coming to terms with its ghosts – literally. Greta Woebegone did not believe in ghosts because she was a sensible young girl and sensible young girls tend not to believe in ghosts. That was until the day she was knocked over by a car and died, when everything changed. As she recovers, Greta finds she can not only see the spirits that haunt her ancestral home, she can talk to them – from her Grandpa Woebegone and Percy the poo-pushing plague victim, to the sinister poltergeist in the cellar. Can Greta save the ghosts from being exorcised (a fate worse than undeath)? Can the ghosts help Greta stop her beloved Grandma being put in a home? And can any of them find the courage to face up to the traumas in their pasts that are holding them back from the future?

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Author Sam Copeland Published by Puffin ISBN 9780241446386


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