Aldrin Adams and the Cheese Nightmares


Aldrin Adams is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary superpower. When he eats cheese, just before he goes to sleep at night, he can enter into other people’s dreams – and their nightmares! But why has he, of all people, been given this ability? What is he supposed to do with it? And why doesn’t it come with some kind of instruction manual that explains how it works? There are so many questions that require answers. Luckily, Aldrin’s dad owns the biggest and finest cheesemonger’s for miles and miles around, offering him unlimited access to some of the stinkiest cheeses in the world as he tries to figure it all out. What Aldrin doesn’t realise, as he embarks on his journey of discovery, is that he is being watched by Habeas Grusselvart, a mysterious, supernatural villain who creates nightmares for millions and millions of children every night.

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Author Howard (author) Paul Published by Puffin ISBN 9780241441671


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