My Own Lightning


Several months have passed since devastating events changed the sleepy community of Wolf Hollow forever. Annabelle, still trying to make sense of her own part in them, is caught in a wild and sudden summer storm – and struck by lightning. She wakes with a memory: a fist, pounding on her heart, bringing her back to life. But there is no sign of whoever saved her, and Annabelle cannot understand who would do such a thing and then flee. To her surprise, Annabelle’s brush with lightning leaves her with a strange and beautiful gift: an uncanny connection with the animals around her, and an ability to understand their deepest fears and feelings. And when several newcomers arrive in her life – as well as a figure from the past – Annabelle must use her heightened senses to discover the truth about them all.

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Author Lauren Wolk Published by Penguin Books ISBN 9780241424216


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