Orphans of the Tide


The City – mankind’s last refuge in a drowned world, where Whale Lords reign and the Inquisition keeps the peace. The Enemy – a dark power, ever seeking to take possession of a human body and cause untold chaos. The Inventor – a girl living in the heart of the City in a ramshackle workshop overflowing with curiosities. When a whale washes up on the City roofs and a mysterious boy emerges from its belly, the superstitious citizens assume the Enemy has come again. Only Ellie – a fearless inventor striving to live up to her mother’s legacy – believes the boy is innocent. Thrown together with the young fugitive, now on the run from the ruthless Inquisition, Ellie must discover who this boy really is – and what that means for her own terrible secret.

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Author Struan Murray Published by Penguin Books Ltd ISBN 9780241384435


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